Which Technology Is in Demand in IT

Which Technology Is in Demand in IT

If evolution were a race, technology, with its faster-than-lighting pace, would surely be the one to cross the metaphorical finish line.

Since the Industrial Revolution started in the 18th century, humankind has been in contact with technology and today, in 2020, one can most certainly affirm that it’s not going anywhere. More so, we’ve gradually been engulfed in a world in which technology seems to be unavoidable – and that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

Unlike that 2000’s Will Smith film, and like that nice AI Robot told us in a recent The Guardian article, technology is not here to overtake the human race, but rather help us lead more comfortable lives.

If fifty years ago the safest jobs in terms of employment were either gravedigger or midwife, with the established presence of technology, nowadays one can add IT jobs to that collection of secure career choices.

What Do You Mean by “IT Job”?

Well, when we talk about a profession in IT, one must take into consideration that Information Technology is a vast, ever-growing field that unravels into multidisciplinary tasks. In short terms: there is no IT job, but rather IT jobs.

The categories pile up as new technology emerges every single day. From “simple” computer jobs, such as answering the age-long question “Why is my Wi-Fi not working?”, to jobs like software development, you’ll have plenty of work-lines to explore. There is actually a list of the most in-demand jobs in the IT field for 2020 that can help you navigate through your sea of options.

Before embarking on your new journey, and since we’ve already established the vastness of the subject, you should also think thoroughly about what type of technology might come in handy for your future occupation.

With that in mind, we’ll leave you a listing of different types and concepts of technology that you should be aware of to jumpstart your career.

Useful Types of Technology to Be Aware of

1. Business Technology

This type of technology is extremely widespread, nowadays. Business Technology is integrating existing technology into your business’ strategy and operations. For example, Uber Eats is in its essence a food-distributing network, but it incorporated a mobile app as a crucial part of its business. This type of technology can also help small companies to be perceived as more relevant by allowing them to set up, for instance, a webpage just like a multinational would do. However, one must be aware that business technology is not simply adding a technological device to your organization, but rather it being an active part of your business.

2. Assistive Technology

This is one of the noblest types of technology since its goal is to assist people with disabilities in various tasks that otherwise could not be accomplished. It can vary from Text To Speech technology that mainly allows visually-impaired people to have access to any electronic text, to the very well-known wheelchair. It can be high-tech or low-tech, but the main goal of assistive technology is creating a more inclusive and fair society, offering every person the access to equal opportunities. There is also a non-profit American based organization that solely focuses on Assistive Technology that you can visit here.

3. Entertainment Technology

The goal for this approach to technology is using its most modern versions to enhance an entertainment experience. It is used in a variety of media from video, light field devices, or even augmented reality. This kind of technology made it possible for Tupac Shakur, deceased in 1996, to “perform” in Coachella, in 2012.

4. Robotics Technology

Robotics is a field heavily connected with AI (Artificial Intelligence), and it is used to create, operate and design robots whose purpose is to replicate and perform actions done by humans; it’s the substitution of the organic for the mechanic. Robots are widespread by now and not just in the industry but also in our personal lives: Roomba, the autonomous vacuum cleaner, revolutionized many dusty homes. Usually, robotics technology is used to replace human labor when it comes to repetitive or hazardous tasks, and the most advanced robots are now capable of making independent, simple decisions.

These four examples are only some of the many applications technology can have today, in this heavily industrialized world. We encourage you to explore other types and approaches on technology, even if it serves only for you to realize the modern world that was built upon technological evolution.

In Conclusion

If you have any interest in pursuing an IT career, just know that there’s a massive chance for your line of work to not be obsolete anytime soon.

Technology is here to stay, and as the years go by, the frontier between what’s possible and what’s not becomes thinner and thinner. We’ve always believed that imagination is the limit, but with the expansion and resources of technology, there are very few limits left for what humankind can do. Maybe the revolution won’t be televised, but with its fast rate and intersectionality, it would rather materialize in our own pockets. Imagine being a part of it.

Thank you for reading!