Is Information Technology Hard

Is Information Technology Hard

If you are an amateur in the technology world and have no idea what Information Technology (IT) might be, then you will want to take a look at this article! See, for many people, the guys and girls who work in this area are the ones we call to fix any type of electronic device we have, and even though this view is not really that wrong, it ends up underestimating this field of work and the knowledge required to do it. So, if you’re looking to get a better handle on what information technology is and the many facets of this field, then you’ve come to the right place.

What Is Information Technology (IT) and What Does It Cover?

In a very basic way of explaining this subject better, information technology (IT) is nothing more, nothing less, than the use and application of technology to solve organizational problems, be it businesses on a large or on small scale. This area uses any network computer, other physical devices, infrastructures, and methods to create, process, store, protect and also exchange all forms of electronic data.

The term, according to TechTarget, was created in 1958, by Harvard Business Review, aiming to make a slight distinction between machines that were created for a specific purpose, with a limited range of functions, and generalized multitasking computing machines. In summary, information technology refers to anything related to information technology. The Internet, for example, is known as IT. The same happens with computer hardware, software, and the network.

The main objective of IT is to provide the right information, to the right people, at the right time, being used the full time to track, store, manipulate, and distribute the collected data to appropriate people, when necessary, of course. Additionally, most information technology jobs fall into four broad categories: computer scientists, computer engineers, systems analysts, and computer programmers.

Advantages and Disadvantages

First, let’s go over some of the benefits this sector has to offer. Following this topic forward, for a company that has IT, the advantages are very promising, such as, for example, more open and concrete communication between employees and machines. There’s also better communication in general, becoming faster, cheaper, and more efficient, and when well implemented, it automatically breaks down linguistic, geographical and cultural barriers, as it offers a constant sharing of ideas, information, and knowledge between different populations and countries.

About the disadvantages, even though we all love what technology can bring us today, it also has its dark side, such as high unemployment in manual labor, problems in technological security, implementation costs, and the fact that it can then generate a dominant culture. For example, it is now argued that the United States influences how most young teenagers around the world act, dress and behave. Languages have also been overshadowed, with English becoming the primary means of communication for business and everything.

Is Information Technology Really That Difficult?

Because it is extremely diverse and deals exclusively with technology that not everyone knows how to use, people think that this course, studies, and even work are incredibly difficult, but that’s where they are wrong. Your life through IT can be as easy as it is difficult, as everything will depend on your level of interest in the subject, and your willingness to acquire skills in this lucrative field.

For example, you can be highly skilled in handling hardware components, but not so much when it comes to math. Consequently, the second topic will need more attention and effort on your part. Especially because each individual has a subject that he finds more challenging or easier, so to speak.

According to some IT graduates, the most difficult part of the program were calculations and coding languages for C++ and binary scripts. Only you can determine if some subjects are more complicated for you to understand and practice, and the difficulty will depend on the knowledge of the person interested in IT in the concepts of computer science, in general.

Final Thoughts

Pay close attention, if you read and were able to absorb at least a little bit of everything that was said in this article, you’ve managed to understand that IT is an incredible and amazing broad field. So, before entering college, which is the first step in this career, you’ll need to think about whether you are interested in these “computer and technology things”, and if yes, you’re automatically in that box. But if you really don’t like programming, code, or math, then the areas of software engineer and game developer are not for you, but the general course can still be.

Lastly, it will not matter that much which area within IT you choose, just know that it will be a great adventure within the wonderful technology that is our day today. Thanks for reading!