Information Technology vs Computer Science

Information Technology vs Computer Science

It’s almost Christmas, and you want a new cell phone, so you start to search for good prices on the internet. The next day, all ads you see are related only to cell phones. Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever wondered, how and why those ads show up on your screen? First, you search for any subject, after this, all ads seem to be related to that specific search. Beyond that, have you ever read all the agreement terms every time you enter a website or an application?

Luckily for you, in this article, we will show you that both situations are related and the answer to these questions comes from actually two terms: Information Technology and Computer Science. We will also talk about how these terms are used on the internet and how they are closed to each other. Now, before everything starts to get a bit complicated, we will explain what these words are, and how do they relate to our daily routine:

The Definition of Information Technology and Computer Science

Computer Science

Computer Science is the study of computation and computational systems. Computer scientists program, design, and analyze algorithms in order to solve difficult situations, as well as study the performance of computer hardware and software. In short words, Computer Science teaches how to read computer languages and create programs that will tell the machine what to do.

Information Technology (IT)

This term is about how to use computers to store, retrieve, transmit, and manipulate data or information. IT uses technology to manage and process information through a database. So, it actually uses programs created by computer scientists, creating a larger system to resolve business problems.

Summarizing, computer scientists are the circuit testers, the handymen, and the establishment pros who put lights, running water, and apparatuses in the house. IT experts live in the house and use machines successfully and effectively for the ideal impact they want to cause.

The Real Use

Nowadays, everything is connected, and since the development of the internet, many aspects of society are now inside this new world. But we are connected to different aspects of the network – it can be social media, like Facebook, Twitter,  but also technology companies, like Google, and Apple.

Programming, designing, and creating new computerized tools to help us is the real use of a programmer that knows how to speak with a computer. Only after the website, system, or application is created by the programmer, and the user agrees to send the data to the owner, comes the IT part, who utilizes these systems to create a larger structure that solves a specific problem. Then, additional companies use the data from any software application for their own use, which can include the processing and distribution of data, gathered for reference, storage, or analysis. IT is used by business companies who search for new partners, to marketing agencies, who analyze how people react to a certain product and then use it.

So, when you go looking for the best prices for cell phones, the website gathers that data, and they sell it to advertisement companies who keep putting more and more ads on your screen, without you even knowing.


Both sciences are related in terms of job applications, plus for Computer Science, the area is growing rapidly and the opportunities in the market are increasing. Examples of professions to follow might be Applications Software Developer, System Engineer, and Web Developer.

For Information Technology, for the next decade, because of the multinational and big enterprises, it is expected to grow much more than the average. Examples of professions to follow include Information Security Analyst, Network Architect, and Database Administrator.


Both of these sciences have great benefits, such as news ways of communication being created, like social media, which is rapidly improving the speed of information in the world. There’s also accelerating globalization through the cutting of physical borders and giving space, as well as voice, to new ways of communication. Lastly, it can be seen a new, more effortless accessibility that software has brought to us, as well as in other important sectors of society, like in education, providing an infinite number of documents, articles, and books to research, on the internet.


Of course, there are always two sides to a coin. Problems come when there is a lack of security on the software, as hackers can invade any database and steal millions of personal data from websites or software. We can also state that humans are losing the ability to communicate through body language, while using any device or application, as it is estimated that 55% of the content in a message is through body language, making it hard to understand a certain idea.

Final thoughts

Overall, Information Technology and Computer Science are in the same realm of use, but if you pay attention you can differentiate them. We hope that, after this reading, when Christmas comes and you’re looking for a new gift, you know the reason behind those hunting ads. Yes, the internet is a great (maybe the best) tool to search for anything that you want, but caution is always good advice! Hope we’ve helped you and thanks for reading!