How Technology Has Impacted Society

How Technology Has Impacted Society

Yeah, you’re probably thinking “here we go again, another guy telling me that I no longer have face-to-face communication as I used to”. And guess what? You’re right. One study conducted at Elon University, in 2015, showed that more than 60% of the respondents continued to use mobile devices in the presence of others. Furthermore, it showed that people tend to prefer digital communications, rather than personal ones. However, it’s not all about personal engagement. Technology has also impacted your life in more subtle ways. In this article, I’ll go over 5 surprising things it has changed, without you even noticing, so stick around!

The Food You Eat

Tell me: have you eaten carrots for good eyes, lately? If your answer is yes, you may have eaten a good dose of nutrients, thanks to GMOs. GMOs are genetically modified organisms, whose crops are altered for increased nutrition value and bigger resistance to pests. They’ve been around since 1994 and it all started with a modified tomato. Despite being controversial since their birth, GMOs are now seen as our best chance of solving the world’s food crisis.

The Posture You Take

“Text Neck” is the all-new name given to bad posture, caused by hunching over your smartphone. While texting, you tend to crane your neck, which increases your head’s weight by up to 27 kg. The curious outcome is that the wrong assumed posture remains, even when you’re not sending messages. So, today, people seem to be getting a little smaller, a bit more curved, and a little too much suffering from upper back pain, nerve pain, headaches, chest tightness, and shoulder stiffness. Invert the curve and lift your head, while reading this – trust me, you’ll feel the difference!

The Information About the TV You Watch

When was the last time you checked a TV guide? With a more and more digital on-demand offer, you no longer have to wait for that specific hour to watch that specific show. If you want an easy comedy or a violent crime story, an incredible documentary or an extraordinary animated movie, you have it all on HBO, Netflix, Filmin, or Amazon Prime Video. Well, it’s not surprising that this streaming era put an end to The New York Times’ daily TV guide. After 81 years, the column disappeared from one of the most well-known newspapers and its editor believes readers won’t miss the content.

The Things You (Don’t) Write

There was a time in which people used to analyze one’s signature. Back then, you could get all kinds of psychological theories just from how someone moved the pen to draw that particular name. There was also a time in which we used to get amazed by one’s handwriting. You must recognize: some of them were just like pieces of art. Nevertheless, nowadays, calligraphy is becoming a lost art. You no longer handwrite your to-do lists nor your grocery ones. You just type them and that’s all. Besides, in Finland, joined-up handwriting lessons were abolished and, in some other countries, they stopped being mandatory.

The Way You Perceive Time and Space

I typed this subheading on Google’s search bar and, in 0,49 seconds, I got 73 600 billion results. That’s normal, right? From the shopping you do to the data you look for, today, everything is accelerated by technology. You have no time to cook? Someone will bring you food, almost instantly. And, in the meanwhile, you manage to do another task. In fact, you get the sensation (and the pressure) that you must do a lot of things in the shortest time. Time runs, the clock doesn’t stop and there are so many places to visit… They are right there, it just takes one leap… Or so it seems.

To sum up

Technology is all around you, for bad and good. And, yes, I know that saying technology is what you make of it is a moralistic philosophy. However, it is the naked truth. While humanity evolves, fresh ways of interacting come up and, consequently, new interactions create new tech needs. So, it becomes a never-ending cycle, created by your requests, beliefs, and creativity. After all, society is all about that: people that get together, based on the pursuit of mutual interests.

On the one hand, as the community grows, new thoughts are explored. On the other hand, those innovative perspectives have a real influence on the way that society flourishes. To put it simply, technology has a great impact on society. But we must not forget that technology is also impacted by the way society treats and interacts with it. Don’t you agree? Thanks for reading!